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Generic Pool Video Productions offer numerous services tailored to meet your video production requirements. We can offer a single cameraman or a small crew depending on the size and requirements of your project.


This would be a single cameraman armed with a 4K or 6K HD video camera. A 3-head lighting kit with diffusers, gels, scrims and various other accessories and wireless lavalier mics for recording the speaker/presenter.

Our fees for a single cameraman complete with camera, lighting and audio equipment is UKP 800 per 8-hour day, plus expenses i.e. hotel, travel/petrol, food etc. Typically we quote for a bespoke job. A typical corporate video production would be tailored to your requirements and usually filmed and edited over one or two days.

Corporate presentations

A corporate keynote speech or other similar presentation typically requires a single cameraman with camera, lighting and sound equipment. In some cases a seperate Auto-Cue operator may be required.

Small corporate video production

If your video production requirements are for a corporate video, training video, promotional video, infomercial, instructional or recruitment style video, our staff typically consists of one or two crew members and of course the client’s advisor. An Auto-Cue system with operator is also available where required.

Live streaming and webinars

We can also offer single camera or multi-camera live streaming and webinars via: Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Zoom or our own dedicated website. Streams are password protected – if required – so only invited people can view the event. Great for streaming events live where people can’t make it in person, such as: university lectures, business seminars and keynote presentations, funerals and other events. Our live streaming events are also recorded so we can provide you with a fully edited video within a few days of the live event.

Music videos

If your production requirements are for a music video, the crew typically consists of one, two or three crew members, including grip equipment if required.


See the post-production link for more details about our editing facilities.

If you have any special post-production requirements we can usually bespoke something. Please get in touch via the contact link at the top of the page to discuss.


We believe it is important that the client has a solid idea about video production costs so below is an outline of our charges. However, it is worth noting that most corporate video productions are bespoke and we typically quote for the entire job tailored to your requirements. This typically works out cheaper than our standard daily rates. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Daily filming rates

Cameraman with HD camera, lighting & sound kit = UKP 800

2 Cameraman with HD cameras, lighting & sound kit = UKP 1300

Auto-Cue operator with Auto-Cue system = UKP 400

Daily editing rates

HD edit suite consisting of DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro, Photoshop and Capture One Pro 20.

All editing & postproduction work = UKP 600 per day.