Edit suite
Editing - Special FX - Animation - Grading - Sound
Avid edit suite
Using the latest DaVinci Resolve editing package
Avid edit suite
DaVinci Resolve colour grading

It's only when we go into post-production that all the visual ideas become reality. We bring all the raw footage together adding animation, graphics, special fx, sound and various other visual enhancement techniques such as 'colour grading' to tailor the video to your exact requirements and give you the best quality production possible.

During the editing stages we work closely with the client, supplying proof web-friendly versions of the production at various stages of the edit to ensure that everything is coming together to your satisfaction.

Generic Pool Productions carry out all post-production and editing on a top of the range on-line digital non-linear editing system running the very latest DaVinci Resolve editing and grading software, Logic Pro, Photoshop and Capture One Pro 20 software packages. Our Apple Mac based system retains total reliability and the highest possible quality at all stages of the editing process. Because our system is fully digital non-linear system it is a non-destructive workflow with no generation loss at any stage of the edit.

Generic Pool Productions continue to push the envelope with high definition editing and post production work. We have many years of experience in cutting together the perfect sequence. The principal editor has extensive training with over twenty years experience as a professional frame-accurate editor with a keen eye and fastidious attention to detail.

For voice-over work we have several professional male and female voice-over artists who we call upon. They have varying vocal styles to fit the subject matter and mood of your video production.

Our fees for editing and post production work is 600 UKP per day.