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Specialising in corporate video, educational and training videos, infomercials, music videos, live streaming and webinars.

Generic Pool Video Productions specialise in quality high definition video production throughout the UK.

"The key to any successful video is the way the material is shot and the advance planning prior to the shoot. If shooting is poor, unimaginative and technically inadequate, nothing in post-production will put that right."

Whether it's for your website, social media or YouTube, we have learned that a client's real concern is how to get from concept to completion. We totally understand this and therefore know exactly how to extract your basic ideas and turn them into visual images.

Guild of Television Cameramen
"A video makes a very persuasive selling communication, much more than a brochure ever could"

Nigel Cooper is a member of the Guild of Television Cameramen.

Quality High Definition Video Production
State-of-the-art studio production